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Exceptional, that’s the best summary I can offer. Just do it!’, Jessica (Business Planning)

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  • handshake 7498898I do not consider any business the same.
  • Your needs require my one on one attention to detail for best results.
  • All of my services are designed to empower you to focus on your business. To ensure ongoing consistent results.
  • Often clients find a new life and business balance that brings about a meaningful and lasting change.
  • You are about to enter into a partnership that will give you a true competitive edge. But you must step up and commit now.
  • You deserve the best.

Social Media Marketing


You have a product or service and recognise businesses since 2010 have been investing heavily in Social Media and don’t want to be left behind. Good idea! Visit social magnet for options to create your unique strategy, get you started and create the social media community you desire.

12 Month Business Mentor Program

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If you have an existing product, new idea or are just seeding something from new – my 12 month business mentor program will lead you from an idea to concrete vision, business plan and onwards through integration. I will act similar to a non-executive director on your board without the cost or loss of decisions.

Business Planning


You have a great idea and want to create a business plan. I will sit with you (and your team), usually for half a day and give you direction for your business plan. After this intensive session you should be ready to write up your plan or (optional) I can do most of this for you.

Press Release or Media Pitch


Writing a one or two page get notice press release is key. Spending time on getting this right is crucial as when you are ready I can also help you distribute to thousands globally.

Website Design


Your website is often the first impression that someone sees of your Company. Your website should guide readers through your selling sequence and have a clear action to be taken.

Marketing Plan


You already have an existing business and want it to grow. I will sit with you (and your team), usually for half a day, assess your existing marketing plan and give you clarity, direction and ways to increase your marketing, brand or sales as appropriate. Ask to specialise in the Internet Marketing Plan including SEO and auctioneering (eBay).

Article or Book Writing


I can arrange for an article to be prepared for you on any given subject. Including research you will receive a totally unique article of your preferred length for use on websites, in magazines and much more. This service extends to the writing of a full book that you will own the full copyright to. Having experienced both, I can assist you if you want to publish yourself or submit to a publisher.

Brand Logo and Tag Line


The right image is key. Your brand logo should speak a thousand words and instantly convey the feeling you wish to portray. Our skilled and experienced team can offer you a range of logos and will continue to edit until you are happy. A tag line is an optional extra and, depending on your business maybe the most widely read information about your business. Get them to read more by making this something special.

Monthly Review


An initial consultation of 2-4 hours to assess and analyze your current business. We will discuss potential improvements and create a simple way of implementing them. I will then review with you these changes on a monthly basis for at least 2 hours per month for a further 5 months (6 months total) to bring focus and streamlining to your work. I will be available by phone/skype for further discussions as required.

Hourly Basis

You may use me to extend the above services or for something more personal. There is an initial one-off application fee for each new client.

Consultancy Basis

This is where I first learn your business goals, identify current issues and suggest where change is ideal. On your agreement I proceed and implement these changes. I only take a very limited amount of consultancy projects. If you are interested then please arrange a meeting to discuss.

Start A Hemp Business

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Interested in getting involved with the latest growth industry – industrial hemp? Want to separate the ‘wheat from the chaff’ from all the information and mis-information you find on the internet? Start a hemp business will show you how through some free videos and webinars how you can excel in this potential.

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