Find Your Way

an innate ability to quickly absorb information, see the big picture, vision a solution and direct its implementation with passion

I was having trouble seeing my website through a customer’s eyes, so I called in Paul Benhaim and he gave me a list of ways to make my website more customer friendly. After I implemented his recommendations my sales increased by 35%. Sapoty Brook (2 week project)

People said it could not be done. Paul made it happen. From zero to a company making millions of dollars profit per year, and thriving.’ Dylan, New Earth Ltd. (4 year project)

Who is Paul Benhaim

Born in the UK, travelled the world for 10 years, pioneered new industries in the UK and Australia, successfully ran business spanning over 10 countries and four continents, authored 4 books, produced 2 music cds, one tv show and dvd, raised over one million dollars in private investment, created business worth tens of millions of dollars, CEO for 4 years, owner and producer of 9 websites, director on various boards as well as a certified yoga teacher, masseur, meditator and loving father. Dedicated to helping others through his business coaching and mentoring service.

What skills do I offer?

There is much I can do for your business, which starts by identifying your strengths, weaknesses, risks and opportunities. You may need a business plan, or an investment proposal. Efficiency always helps, and if you can cut costs then all the better…

Do you need focus or want to build a new brand? I can help you build a team by inspiring passion and bringing the spirituality out to support your business.

Maybe you are wanting to plan a factory or considering your own manufacturing business. I can help you source goods & services related to your business.

A clean, clear website may be in order and then you will need your website reaching your target market.

Using non-violent communication, sociocracy I can help develop the best strategy for your business – whether you are a sole trader or a small to medium enterprise.

Having worked in a multitude of industries include: building, cosmetics, real estate, internet, energy (power), manufacturing, materials, media, graphic design, publishing, food and healing, I am confident that I can assist your specific needs.

What projects have you worked on before?

Lotus Community, CommonUnity Foundation, Econstruct Australia, Zeo International,Not The Cooking Show, Alivefoods, Raw With Life, Hemp Music, Hemp Plastic, Radiantly Alive Retreats

Higher Nature Skincare, 9bar, New Earth Ltd., Sunnyvale Bakeries HFA, Motherhemp, Beatroot, Happy Planet, Hemp School, Start A Hemp Business

Paul Benhaim allowed us to create two successful new product lines that have stayed with us now for over 10 years. Invaluable marketing and general advice. Mayur Shah, Sunnyvale Bakeries. (12 month project)


Changing the world through action and intention